• Inward


    Less selling,

    More sales


    Moment-to-Moment Sales

    Awareness and Alignment


    Put into place a Process AND Playbook to Start, Shift OR Scale sales success.

  • Proven CEO w/ Sales Head close deal < 1wk (10x Return)

    • ~2 Days of Pipeline Reviews 
    • Improved communication with a shared language and process
    • Process identified clear next steps for a stuck deal (~1.5 yrs)
    • The 6-figure deal closed <1 week
    • CEO now confident to scale sales
    • All new reps will be trained on to support weekly pipeline reviews

  • Become a Sales Surgeon

    Winning at sales is no longer about "Killing it" with flawless outward pitches and persuasive closing techniques by natural born salespeople.


    In modern sales, "Sales Assassins" are repeatedly taken out by "Sales Surgeons."


    Sales Surgeons are authentic founders, leaders, and reps who care deeply about the suffering of prospects and become expert at discerning who to operate on, making every straight-to-the-heart cut count.

  • SaaS cofounder doubled monthly revenue and grew ave deal size

    • 5 x 2-hour sessions in < 3mo's
    • Applying process to smaller deals helped sharpen it for larger deals
    • Process drove improvements in getting clarity on suffering, commitment and buying path
    • Doubled MRR revenue in July
    • Now focused on integrating new success stories into sales deck and marketing resources (e.g., website)

  • Connect Inward with your "Inner Sales Genius"

    Easily develop your own salespeople who will outsell any career salesperson who mostly relies on their Rolodex or resume.


    Leverage your and your team's personal authenticity and existing skills as leaders in your field to make every moment impact sales and your org's Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values.



    Finally, a sales culture in complete alignment with your positive dent in the universe and personal values.

  • Former teacher turned top EdTech sales rep shares her "scary" transition into sales and how InwardSales created a positive feedback loop.

    • InwardSales impacted every moment in an authentic way
    • She does similar activities as her team of 30 but nuanced differently
    • How she plans her day, picks up the phone, starts and ends meetings and overall how she manages her  pipeline priorities
    • Believes the most important impact came from how she now enjoys selling which leads to making more calls and better time management



    To Make the Best Use

    of Everyone's Time

    We Start With Your

    Current Pipeline


    Review Pipeline

    Experience current deals, activity and thinking from Inward Sales Awareness & Alignment lens using the 10-Steps Opportunity template.


    Micro Workshop Most Important Deals

    Work on exactly the Mindset, Process or Skill enhancement that will move each deal (e.g., highest priority, most stuck and/or furthest along) forward that week. Learn repeatable ways to sharpen "Next steps" and deal prioritization across pipeline to drive immediate impact.


    Refine MVPitch

    Optimize current sales deck to manage time and discovery while setting the right context for success and clear next steps via "Attuned Agenda" setting. This is quickly done using the Minimum Viable Pitch template along with the info captured in the first pipeline review.


    Capture Playback in Weekly Pipeline Reviews

    Each time a deal is "circled" in pipeline reviews what truly drives sales is sharped and captured. The resulting "Playback" report keeps the CEO (and the board) aware and aligned with what drives sales moment-to-moment.




    A Proven Playbook emerges from ongoing Pipeline Reviews

    Sales reps and managers capture repeatable sales processes resulting in a customized, organization specific playbook to amplify and sustain the time and attention spent with InwardSales. Expertly crafted templates not only guide the capture process during each session seamlessly, but also teaches participants how to continuously improve it on their own and/or as a team.


    Scale Sales

    Independently or with InwardSales onboard new sales reps efficiently, effectively and predictably at scale guided by the customized Inward Sales Playbook. InwardSales can engage from time to time to observe a few daily and weekly meetings to coach reps and/or managers ensuring it is a self-sustaining, continuous improvement process of the playbook.


    Playforward Emerges

    The Playback gets shared across the organization to impact innovation across product, marketing and executive planning. All decisions made with awareness and alignment of what truly drives repeated sales.

  • A clear path from "Suspect" to "Success"

    Sales ceases to be a black box.


    Our speciality is working with founders to sharpen how they support their existing - or future - VP's of Sales hired to create, capture and/or scale a repeatable sales process.


    Founders, Executives & Elite Sales Professionals

    Sales Teams

    Starting, Shifting Or Scaling Sales

    Mastermind Groups

    Leveraged new or existing groups




    We start with

    The least you need to know and do

    to know what you are doing

    and why you are doing it


    throughout the

    sales process

    for instant results

    drawing upon existing strengths


    rather than trying to fit you

    into the stereotype of a

    "natural born salesperson"

    Moment Management

    Cultivate awareness, alignment, and attunement with what drives sales, moment-to-moment (example tool OODA Loops is used to create a library of moment-to-moment best practices).

    Meeting Management

    Implement "Attuned Agenda" MVPitch template that drives clear next steps in all your meetings.

    Ok'ness Management

    Operationalize compassion to create the conditions for truth and deep connection so you and the prospect operate as their best selves.

    Self Management

    Mindfully align every action with what truly drives revenue without being compromised by attachment to outcomes, hearing "no's" or other issues such as self-limiting beliefs.

    Deal Management

    Keep deals efficiently and effectively moving towards close with simple but effective Opportunity templates and pipeline review "circling".

    Pipeline Management

    Guide reps to focus on the right deals and best next steps while capturing and sharpening how you'll win each time you circle a deal.

    Prep/Follow-up Management

    Be intentional in every interaction compressing sales cycles.

  • How do you enjoy both the profit AND process of enterprise sales?

    Mindfully end suffering as your best self.


    Mindfully use time

    Learn how to increase your Sales Awareness to make every moment count towards sales, transforming the process from "Pitching" to efficiently "Searching".


    End suffering

    Learn how to effectively analyze and act upon Sales Alignment with the clear aim of ending suffering for you and your prospect as a "Sales Surgeon".


    Cultivate Best Selves

    Learn how to cultivate the conditions within yourself and your meetings where everyone acts from their "Best Self" resulting in:

    Less Selling, More Sales.


    Always Be C_____.


    Align internally with the deep desire to end suffering for self, prospect, your organizations and the world.


    Dig many layers deep to truly understand how your offering may be a fit for the situation and of service.


    Focus on finding truth in the most concrete terms as you discover prospects' Suffering (3W's), Commitment (budget, change management, advocacy) and Path (10 Steps).

    Close Minded / Open Hearted

    Rather than seeing sales as a pitch, treat it like a search fully aligned with the prospect's desire to find a solution that ends suffering or to efficiently find reasons to agree there is not a fit.


    Ask the tough questions early and often, taming the inner fear of risk and rejection while earning trust and credibility.


    Check in with oneself and prospects, always reconnecting to our best selves and the shared intention of ending suffering.


    Inward Sales brings together sales, engineering, and product experience acquired over a decade of new business launches. Our network of domain experts and sales professionals help us tailor services to your particular needs. In addition our skilled partner network can create sale and marketing collateral to elegantly and effectively promote your product and brand.

    Walter R. Roth

    Founder + Lead Facilitator


    Drove the initial sales and sales process ramp up for multiple startups across technology, media and service providers. Personally raised over $4M in funding for his own startups, been an EIR at a Silicon Valley venture fund and advises other companies how to scale sale and raise capital. Most recently cofounded InwardInc.com which powers the wildly successful Mindfulness Daily mobile app and mindfulness based programs.


    Tell us a little about your sales situation and desire to end suffering ...


    Spans Stages, Industries & Backgrounds

    Sales cofounder discusses first two InwardPlaybook sessions which drove clarity and best use of time (Process Review & OODA Loops).


    Former teacher turned top EdTech sales rep shares scary transition into sales and how she created a positive feedback loop.

    EdTech Company

    Techical CEO compares his regimented development process to using the InwardSales Playbook.


    CEO describes business model realignment from value based Inward Sales process.


    Created MVP playbook for cold calling across team.

    Business Model, Inc

    Learned how to emotionally engage in the moment to qualify alignment.


    Cofounders using shared sales playbook to accelerate deals through alignment awareness.


    Founder talks about Awareness and Alignment achieved through mindful listening.